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Brand Identity, Visual Design

Swingtech is a management and technology services company that primarily works for government clientele. I designed the brand identity, website, and social media direction to represent the company’s diverse and customer - focused services. I also redesigned the company’s online presence by breaking down text - heavy project case - studies into simple motion graphics.

Ameya Sumeru

Brand Identity

Ameya Sumeru is a technology services company that focuses on building mobile applications. They were looking for a simple and neutral logo as they plan on building a variety of personalities for their products. I created a minimalistic logo with a unique color palette and form. The primary intent was to produce a well-structured logo to ensure visibility on a mobile device.

Story Book

Brand Identity

Storybook Studio is a boutique firm that specializes in wedding, lifestyle, life events, and world travel photography. I designed the logo, brand identity and social media visual.

story white.png


Visual Design, Concept Development, Storyboard

The visual language has been inspired by the circle shape in the 'i' of Afiniti. I used colors to represent similar behavioral patterns. The designs were created keeping in mind keywords like fluidity and fusion. I created a striking range in hierarchy so that the information is easily registered. I broke down the graphics into simpler forms to make sure the concepts are approachable on all platforms.


Other Projects

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