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With over a decade in Art Direction, I've crafted captivating visual narratives across diverse industries, merging creative vision with strategic insight. I aim to deliver design solutions that engage users, foster brand connections, and yield exceptional results. Driven by my passion for art and design, I remain attuned to cultural shifts and trends, ensuring relevance for an ever-evolving global audience. As an unwavering optimist, I prioritize nurturing vibrant, thriving environments where teams can truly flourish.


Awards & Publications:

ProsopagnosiaRed Dot Communication Design Award, Germany

Men will be MenGraphis Merit Award, USA

Moon WatcherCreative Quarterly 52, USA

Perpetual LoveCreative Quarterly 52, USA

Freezing a MomentCreative Quarterly 52, USA

Together ForeverAmerican Illustration 36, USA

Illusion of SelfAmerican Illustration 34, USA

ProsopagnosiaAmerican Illustration 34, USA

HookedCreative Quarterly 45, USA

Keep SmilingCreative Quarterly 45, USA 

Alfred Hitchcock3x3 Illustration Annual, USA 

CamouflageApplied Arts 2015, Canada

ProsopagnosiaPort City Review, USA

Alfred HitchcockApplied Arts 2014, Canada

States of ConsciousnessIllustration Anthology, USA

ProsopagnosiaCreative Quarterly 41, USA 





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