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Rent like an A-Lister!

Art Direction​

I provided art direction for the 'Rent like an A-Lister' campaign across CTV, YouTube, and Google Discovery, driving approximately 37,000 registrations with a 92% return on ad spend. The campaign captures the sheer excitement and joy that comes with finding the perfect apartment. Partnering with House of Greenland, we wove a visual narrative that's sure to make you sing. In every frame, our lead flaunts amazing features of her new apartment with comedic themes and a catchy 'pop rap' beat. Delightful and memorable, the message was laid. Rent like an A-Lister, a tale that won't fade. I oversaw the creative aspects, such as messaging, visuals, and storytelling, to ensure they resonated with the intended audience and conveyed the desired brand message. The primary objective was to establish a long-term brand presence capable of creating a memorable and enduring impression. 

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