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Marketing Design

Lantronix is a renowned worldwide supplier of secure data access and management solutions specifically designed for IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Within their comprehensive marketing efforts, I played a pivotal role by developing promotional collateral for their events, trade shows, and PR campaigns. Furthermore, I contributed to their brand presence by crafting visually appealing packaging for select products and creating captivating visuals for their website and social media platforms.

Mach 10

Marketing Design


I had the privilege of spearheading the global launch of Lantronix's cutting-edge product, Mach 10. This encompassed an array of essential design elements, such as the creation of a logo, color palette, a captivating landing page, and a comprehensive white paper booklet. Working closely with the Lantronix team, I ensured that every aspect of the product launch reflected the innovation and excellence embodied by Mach 10.

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